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A place for Growth Change

Welcome to Hybrid Public School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child’s success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.


HPS is a dedicated and inspiring school and play station for your child. Your child gets best quality of education with Indian values and a joyous ambience. The amazing blend of academics, technology and infrastructure not only delights them but your kids learn with playing.

At HPS an inducive atmosphere has been offered which helps the children to learn while playing and to sense things differently. HPS is a dedicated and inspiring school and play station for your child. Your child gets best quality of education with Indian values and a joyous ambience. The amazing blend of academics, technology and infrastructure not only delights them but your kids learn with playing.

At HPS an inducive atmosphere has been offered which helps the children to learn while playing and to sense things differently. 

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To develop sensitive and potent students with a scientific bent of mind, capable enough to serve their society / mankind.


At HPS, we believe that children are at the centre of our school. Every child must be encouraged and supported in order to achieve their full potential. This means that every child’s aptitudes and interests, as well as their individuality must be acknowledged

(I) Our objective is to imbibe in the students the importance of taking action, zeal for life, dynamics and above all spirit of service.

(II) We aim to train students to develop an analytical bent of mind based on modernistic thinking with a view to assure leadership role in society.

(III) Our objective is to promote in students creativity by providing opportunities for self-expression.

(IV) We aim to develop in students a sense of integrity, dignity and confidence to face life’s challenges.


The fast changing world of tomorrow will be exciting and challenging place to live, where only those who keeps pace with upcoming technologies and have the ability to align their ideas, thoughts and ways of working in fast changing situation, will thrive. At Hybrid, We recognize this need to prepare the students for the challenges of the 21st century and to provide a conducive environment which will encourage them to become life-long learners and work towards excellence in a multi-cultural and multi-faceted society. At the same time, we believe that real education is the confluence of knowledge and ‘character’ and amalgam of expertise and ethics resulting in responsive and responsible citizenship. We emphasize the development of the integrated personality of the student with scientific approach and provide an ideal environment for the inculcation of human values.



HPS believes that process of teaching and learning can be accelerated in a fright free milieu only. Impartial but sympathetic attitude of teachers helps in developing positive and healthy attitudes among the students. They are inspired to speak English in the classrooms. They are motivated to practice a great deal of hand on skills since we believe education is not a matter of cramming. A conducive environment is provided which helps in fostering a scientific approach and moreover nurturing cognitive abilities of high quality. A child feels comfortable yet stimulated, are able to settle in and enjoy learning.


Our evaluation system is based on USA pattern as recommended by CBSE.

Evaluation system is divided into two terms. Each term comprises

  • Pre-Test
  • Note-Book
  • Sub. Enrichment
  • Half-yearly and Yearly Exam.

According to USA pattern, there still be two terms but the pen-paper test weightage will be 90% including 80 marks for half yearly or yearly exam and 10 marks of the 20 marks set aside for periodic assessment in each term. And remain 10 marks for note-book (5 marks) and subject enrichment (5 marks).


A teacher is the maker of a new generation. A good teacher observes, stimulates and encourages skills and interests in children. But considering the effect of fast changing technology on the psychology of children it becomes essential to update them with newer methods of tackling students. Further HPS believes that the role of parents is equally important in the process. Hence HPS held regular Parents-Teachers workshop guided by prominent educationists.


Incentives in the form of appreciation work as a strong reinforcing agent leading students to the path of success. Therefore HPS provides awards and certificates to students for their success in various monthly competitions as well as for excellency in categories as- Hybrid Homi J. Bhabha, Hybrid Picasso, Hybrid Munshi Premchand, Hybrid Balraj Sahni, Hybrid Intellectual, Most disciplined student,

Best Student Aryans of Hybrid etc. 



HPS has a beautiful and grand building with a peaceful, well-equipped, and well maintained and Wi-Fi campus sprawling over an area of a huge land.


Class room is a place where your beloved spends most of his time in the school in learning different concepts by performing various activities on his own, which requires their proper concentration. 


This is a place which helps your child to keep pace with the modern age. HPS believes it is an important tool that adds immense value to the process of teaching and learning.


HPS provides a neat and clean, ultra-modern and spacious waiting room consisting luxurious facilities as T.V., A.C. mineral water, daily newspaper etc.


HPS provides a large, well maintained and well-furnished hall with a capacity of about two hundred seats. It is also known as ‘HPS Sabhagar’. 


HPS has a huge, lush green play ground in approx one acres of land to perform all kind of sports activities.


Books are ‘storehouse of knowledge’ and means of relaxation as well. HPS has a well maintained library which contains approx. Ten thousand variety of books. 


We perceive that science isn’t a subject to cram but it’s a subject to learn by doing. Therefore HPS provides a well-equipped science lab to experience and create new things & ideas through practicals.


There is a beautiful park in the school premises covered with fragrant blossoms and fruit trees where your beloved can relax and refresh themselves.



The best way to recognize a country or society is to study its culture. Realizing this fact HPS has paid considerable attention to cultural activities and has done worth praising job in this field, which is expressed in words of Mr. Rajendra Singh (Director of Inspector, Anglo Indian School, Lucknow) “Hybrid is doing mile stone work in this field.”

Now a days CBSE as well as modern educational institutions are striving to include modern theatre in Education.


HPS undergoes a lot of class activities which help in channelizing the pent up energy of a student in the positive direction. We rely in ‘Realizing potential and achieving dream.’ In order to prepare the learners for the life, we need to nurture all aspects of the child’s personality. This is why HPS has developed variety of learning tools and teaching aids to take curriculum beyond the class rooms. And these are included in the guidelines of CBSE too.


Students at this particular age are full of innovative ideas. They create    a lot of materials related to art and craft, science, literature (as magazines)     etc. During various class activities which is also a part of “learning by doing.” Therefore HPS organizes an exhibition where all the materials produced by creative mind of students are displayed.


Co-curricular activities like debates and drama encourage personality development, help to draw out creativity and talents and provide opportunities for leadership and character building.

Therefore HPS arranges these activities on regular basis which includes-

  •  Learning of manual skills, appreciating the dignity of labour.
  • Opportunity to every child to take part in the “Morning Assembly” to build confidence.
  • Regular literary, cultural and artistic competitions and workshops.



Relaxation from regular studies helps a student in getting physically and mentally fresh. This increases their ability.


HPS organizes sports and games time to time so that the students can enjoy, relax and gain a sound physical health.


HPS organizes PTM on regular basis so that the progress of students can be accessed satisfactorily.


Covalent Group formerly known as the ‘Sanket Baal Rang Toli’ was formed during the early years of school establishment.

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